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With the Platinum Jubilee over, the UK Government is facing a holiday hangover. Not those that have commemorated the long reign of Elizabeth II for four days, but those that Boris Johnson and his team celebrated in Downing Street during confinement, which caused the outrage of the British. The conservative parliamentary group will finely submit its prime minister to a motion of internal censure this Monday, starting at six in the afternoon (seven in the afternoon, Spanish peninsular time). The magic figure of 54 “confidence withdrawal” cards has been reached. At least 15% of Tory MPs have sent Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, a text with their wish that Johnson be replaced in office.

The committee brings together the so-called backbenchers (literally, the deputies from the back seats), the majority of the Conservative parliamentary representatives who do not hold a position in the Government, and therefore have more loyalty towards their constituents and towards their own future politician than Johnson. Brady earlier warned Johnson on Sunday of the storm brewing in a few hours, when Parliament resumes business.

If a majority of Conservative MPs, that is, 180, voted against the prime minister, his dismissal would be almost immediate. Before it will be necessary to start some internal primaries to choose the replacement. In that intermission, Johnson can resign or remain in Downing Street.

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