February 25, 2021

Trump's political trial loses strength after Mueller's lack of courage

The lack of courage of the testimony before the United States Congress of Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor of the Russian plot, left the Democrats Thursday without a clear strategy to put a political trial on President Donald Trump who already presumes to have conquered the victory.

The day after Mueller's testimony showed the fractures within the Democratic Party, where a minority in the most progressive wing insisted on the need to put Trump to a political trial, while the majority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi , rejected that possibility.

Pelosi appeared before the press hours after Mueller testified on Wednesday before two congressional committees and reiterated his position: he will not launch a impeachment process against Trump until the Democrats do not have a "case so strong" that forces the Republicans to join the cause.

"If we had a case of political trial, then that would be the place we would go to. The reason I want us to have a strong case is because it must be based on the facts. It must be based on the facts and the law, that is what matters. Not politics, not partisanship, only patriotism, "he said.

Some 90 of the 235 Democrats who occupy the 435 seats of the House of Representatives have called for the start of a political trial against Trump. Congresswoman Lori Trahan, from the state of Massachusetts, has added her name to those who ask for the impeachment.

However, although the process thrives in the House of Representatives, where Democrats have a majority, Republicans have promised to block it with their majority in the Senate.

The numbers do not give to dismiss Trump and, therefore, the president of the Intelligence Committee of the Lower House, Democrat Adam Schiff, asked his colleagues on Thursday to be "realistic" and concentrate their energies on getting the president out of the White House during the 2020 elections.

"We need to be realistic, that is the only way in which, at this point, he will leave power, it will be only if he is voted to leave," he told CNN Schiff, who chaired one of the committees where Mueller testified.

The strategy of Pelosi and other heavyweights of the party, such as Schiff, is to use other avenues to pressure Trump: they want to go to court and continue their investigations in the House of Representatives, in addition to passing laws that prevent Russia and other countries influence the US elections

Some of Trump's main advisors have refused to go to Congress and, therefore, the Democrats have threatened to file a lawsuit this week to force them to testify before the Legislature.

Among others, the Democrats want to listen to the former White House lead lawyer, Don McGahn, whom Trump asked to fire Mueller, which he refused.

All these judicial processes are being coordinated by the president of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, Democrat Jerry Nadler, who on Wednesday questioned Mueller for three hours and who has been pressing Pelosi for weeks to initiate Trump's impeachment process. .

Meanwhile, this Thursday, Republicans closed Mueller's chapter and their investigation into the alleged links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin during the 2016 elections.

"Today is the day we closed this investigation," Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy told a news conference after Mueller's appearance.

And Trump, meanwhile, already on Wednesday declared victory and considered the "witch hunt" closed.

This Wednesday, in front of Congress and dozens of television cameras, Mueller summarized the findings of his investigation, which focused on finding out if Trump's team "conspired" with the Kremlin during the 2016 elections and if the president had tried to obstruct the investigation.

Mueller drew attention to the extent of Russian influence in the elections with the aim of favoring Trump; but he affirmed that there was not enough evidence to determine that there was a "conspiracy" between the environment of the current president and Moscow to influence the electoral process.

What he did say was that he had decided not to press charges against Trump because US jurisprudence states that a head of state cannot be tried while in power, but said that did not mean that he had been exonerated, as the president says. .

He also warned that Trump could be tried for obstructing justice when he leaves the White House.

Beatriz Pascual Macías

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