July 7, 2020

Trump's campaign vetoes Bloomberg journalists in their actions

The campaign team of the president of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, announced Monday that he will veto the journalists of the Bloomberg news agency in all his acts in response to the decision of this media not to investigate his owner, Michael Bloomberg, one of the Democratic candidates for the Presidency.

"Given that they have openly declared their bias, Trump's campaign will no longer give Bloomberg News accreditations for rallies and other campaign events," Brad Parscale, the Trump campaign chief for the 2020 elections, said in a statement. .

However, the president's campaign team said that "it will determine house by case if it relates to reporters in a personal capacity or answers questions from Bloomberg News."

Faced with this decision, the agency's chief editor, John Micklethwait, responded in another statement that "the accusation of bias cannot be further from the truth."

Last week, the Bloomberg agency informed its employees in a circular, to which the Washington Post had access, that it would not investigate in depth either the ex-mayor of New York or other progressive candidates.

"We will continue with our tradition of not investigating Mike (or his family or foundation) and expand the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primary. We cannot treat Mike's Democratic competitors differently," the text said. On the other hand, he anticipated that the news agency would investigate the Trump Administration.

Bloomberg announced on November 24 officially his candidacy for the Democratic primary in the face of the US presidential elections next November with the aim of "defeating Donald Trump and rebuilding America (USA)"

"I run for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. We cannot afford four more years of reckless and unethical actions by President Trump," he said in a statement released on his campaign website.

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