March 9, 2021

Trump will include the question of citizenship in census by decree, according to media

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to resort to a decree, a prerogative that allows him to evade control of Congress, to include in the census a controversial question about citizenship of the population, local media reported Thursday.

The president is expected to announce his decision this Thursday during a press conference to be offered at the White House, according to information published by the ABC News portal, which cites sources close to the president.

This possibility comes a few days after Trump promised to "move forward" with his plans to introduce a question about citizenship in the next year's census questionnaire despite the fact that, two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled against such a measure

The president's statement then generated confusion because both the Department of Justice and the Department of Commerce, on which the census depends, had already announced that they would begin printing the census forms without the question of citizenship.

The highest instance of the country's Justice ruled against incorporating that question into the census form because it considered that the Government had not convincingly supported the need to add it, but left open the possibility to study new arguments.

That decision greatly irritated Trump, who asked his lawyers if it was possible to delay the completion of the census, a population survey that takes place every ten years and was last developed in 2010.

The White House maintains that the question is fundamental to better understand the composition of the population, but the opposition and various organizations fear that it will intimidate undocumented immigrants and cause a decrease in participation in that massive population survey for fear that the information can be sent to the immigration authorities.

The controversy has experienced a new episode in recent weeks after it came to light a report by Thomas Hofeller, a strategist of the Republican party who died in August 2018, in which he recommended including that question in the census in order to redesign electoral districts in a manner favorable to the interests of conservative education.

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