March 9, 2021

Trump will boast of US "environmental leadership" in a speech on Monday

President Donald Trump will give a speech next Monday aimed at boasting of US "environmental leadership". under his mandate, despite his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate and its elimination of dozens of rules designed to protect the environment in his country.

"The president will give a speech on Monday at the White House to recognize the leadership of his Administration in the environmental field, and the role of the United States as the leader of the rest of the world" in this matter, he told EFE on Friday a spokesman for the White House, Judd Deere.

For now it is unknown what arguments Trump will give to claim the United States. as an international leader in the protection of the environment, a role that has been in doubt since the president announced two years ago the withdrawal of his country from the Paris Agreement, which will not be effective until November 2020.

In addition, Trump has adopted numerous measures to boost the fossil fuel industry, has ended 49 regulations designed to combat the climate crisis and has begun the process to do the same with 34 other rules, according to an account prepared by the newspaper The New York Times.

Just two weeks ago, Trump reversed the most emblematic environmental program of his predecessor, Barack Obama: his plan to reduce by 32% the carbon emissions of power plants powered by 2030, compared to 2005 levels in the US. UU

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Trump replaced that plan with another that is limited to incentivizing the efficiency of these plants to facilitate their greater longevity and gives the states discretion to determine their emissions targets.

Now that the election campaign of 2020 is approaching and the democratic opposition is trying to turn the environment into a key issue, Trump has begun to defend that, despite its measures, air and water in the United States are "clean at record levels" .

"We have the cleanest water we've ever had. We have the cleanest air (…). But I am not willing to sacrifice the tremendous (energetic) power of what we have built for so long, and what I have improved and revived "in the fossil fuel industry, Trump said last week at a press conference in Osaka. (Japan).

However, according to EPA data, in the two full years that Trump has been in power, 2017 and 2018, there were 15% more days with unhealthy air quality in the United States than in the three previous years.

Before competing for the Presidency, Trump questioned the existence of the climate crisis, describing it as a "fraud" created by China, and more recently has questioned the existence of links between that phenomenon and emissions derived from human activity.

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