Trump wants to force pharmacies to advertise prices in their ads

Trump wants to force pharmacies to advertise prices in their ads

The government of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is considering forcing pharmaceutical companies to disclose the price of their medicines in their advertising campaigns, Health Secretary Alex Azar revealed today.

"Patients deserve to know how much medicine could cost them when they are being told their benefits and risks (…) and deserve to know every time they see a medication advertised on television," said Azar during a speech at the National Academy of Medicine. , in Washington.

The official, who recalled that Trump has always been very critical of the prices of medicines in the country, said that once the rules are changed, the pharmaceutical industry should "adjust to the new world."

"Sometimes it has to be the government that takes the first step to end a system that does not work and the one that determines the new rules," he said.

Azar's statements are made on the same day as the main association of the sector, US Pharmaceutical Researchers and Producers. (PhRMA, for its acronym in English), announced its intention to provide greater transparency pricing policy of its associated companies.

For this, the organization has urged all its members to include in their advertising campaigns internet links that allow the user to obtain details about the price of medicines, possible financial aid and production costs.

However, Azar considered that this measure is insufficient: "We will not wait for an industry with so many conflicting and perverse incentives to reform itself," warned the secretary.

Trump has criticized on several occasions the "astronomical" prices of medicines in the country and has committed to take measures to tackle the problem.


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