Trump wants to 'erase' transsexuals from the map | Society

Trump wants to 'erase' transsexuals from the map | Society

Donald Trump wants to make invisible all transsexuals in the United States, Clear the map of the 1.4 million citizens who have gone through the hard road that implies being born with a sex in which they do not recognize themselves until they get the identity with which they can live . The commitment of the White House implies suppressing the advances and rights conquered until now. The Administration wants to limit the sex of the people to whom they determine their genitals at birth. That condition would be immutable.

According to a document prepared by the Department of Health – and to which the newspaper has had access The New York Times-, The sex of a person can only be male or female, not subject to change, and determined by the genitals with which he was born. Any further dispute would have to be resolved with a simple DNA test, which would result in the sex he had at birth.

In the memorandum of the Department of Health, the Trump government justifies the shift in the need for federal agencies to have a definition "on a clear biological basis, based on science and objective." If the measure is materialized, the known one will be modified. as Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination by sex in education programs and that receives governmental economic assistance, always according to the information of the Times.

The measure would be the most comprehensive and significant in a series of decisions taken by Trump since he came to the White House that have gone against the rights of transgender people, such as, for example, his attempt to prevent them from enlisting in the armed forces. According to the New York newspaper, it is estimated that about 1.4 million Americans have opted to identify themselves by gender – due to an operation or by simple identity – different from their birth. Trump's law would eradicate "the recognition of those people leaving them without the identity they have enjoyed so far".

The Department of Health intends to present the new definition to the Department of Justice before the end of this year. If Justice converts Trump's proposal into law, all the efforts of the Obama Administration to advance the civil rights of transgender people would be annulled. The previous White House made a series of decisions that relaxed the legal concept of gender in federal programs, including health and education. Thus, the Democratic administration opened the door to gender being an individual decision that was not determined by the sex with which it was born. At the time, this policy opened a harsh and bitter debate that affected such practical day-to-day issues as access to the public toilets.

The news advanced by the Times has provoked an immediate response from the civil rights organizations that have planned a protest against the White House on Monday. "They're saying we do not exist. I'm furious, but with a clear mind. I am threatened, but absolutely determined, we will always fight ", writes Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. In addition, he described the initiative as "aggressive and dangerous". At the moment, all the protests are grouping on Twitter under the hastag #wontbeerased (I will not be erased, in its literal translation of English).


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