Trump takes a mass bath with conservatives while Democrats vote

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, took a mass bath this Saturday among his most conservative voters while the Democrats voted in the South Carolina primary, in a speech that included mockery of several of the candidates who seek to snatch him The power in November.

Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the great act of the year for the US right, witnessed a speech very similar to last year regarding exacerbated patriotism - with hug and kiss to the American flag included- but with a more marked electoral tone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come," Trump promised to an audience full of red caps that identify his followers.


A few hours before the polls closed at the South Carolina Democratic primary, Trump predicted that the winner in that state would be former Vice President Joe Biden, as the polls pointed out.

However, he said he can't imagine "anyone easier to beat" in the November elections "than Joe (Biden), who can't even put two sentences together when he speaks," and hinted that the former vice president has too many mental slips. related to age to govern the country.

"(Joe) He is not a communist. In the case of (Senator) Bernie (Sanders) there are doubts that he is. But Joe is more in the middle, the difference is that Joe is not going to be running the country, he will be in a residence and others, who will be left radical, will take him for him, "Trump said.

He also scoffed at New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the amount of money he has invested to win the Democratic primary, and made fun of his bad performance in one of this month’s Democratic debates by hiding behind the lectern.

"Get me out of this scenario!" Exclaimed Trump, who was pretending that Bloomberg was disgraced by his poor performance in the mid-month Democratic debate in Nevada.


The president also resorted to his usual tactic of putting fear at the possibility that a democrat will seize power in November, reiterating that the policies of the opposition party "would quickly turn the United States into a large-scale Venezuela."

"They (the Democrats) want to take away your money, your options, your freedom of expression, your weapons, your religion, your history, your future and, ultimately, your freedom. But we will never let you do it," he said.

The rest of his speech was a repetition of family ideas, such as criticism of the "sanctuary cities" that protect the undocumented from deportation, or the insistence that "Mexico is paying for the wall, and it seems good to do so", although the neighboring country has not paid anything for the project for now.

And he seemed to go to that part of the Republican Party that doesn't like his outbursts or some of his ideas too much: "Maybe I'm not nice, but I'm doing a great job for you."

"We are saving this country," Trump cried.


Among the mostly white audience that witnessed the speech was the leader of the Spanish ultra-right-wing party Vox, Santiago Abascal, and many young people, some of them students.

The Royali Deniro T-shirt, a young 32-year-old black man from Orlando (Florida), stood out from the crowd. In it, the black civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr wore a red cap with Trump's already famous phrase "Make America Great Again" (Make America Great Again, in English).

Asked by Efe why he likes Trump the most, his answer is concise: that the president "is not scared and always returns the blow."

Deniro considers it crucial that Republicans recover the majority in the US House of Representatives. in the November elections, in order to "not have people withholding laws simply because they come from Trump, while if they had been (from former Democratic President Barack) Obama, they approved."

However, for him the most important thing to decide to vote for Trump is "that keeps the country safe", by guaranteeing respect for "the Second Amendment (of the Constitution)" and unhindered possession of firearms.

Of course, Deniro also values ​​the star promise of Trump's first election campaign: he wants "the construction of a wall that assures us that the people who come here, come in the right way."


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