Trump speaks by telephone with the family and colleagues of a murdered policeman

US President Donald Trump today telephoned the family and several colleagues of police officer Ronil "Ron" Singh, who was killed in California on Dec. 26, the White House reported.

Trump praised Singh for his service to his fellow citizens, offered his condolences and praised the authorities' swift investigation and arrest of the suspect, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Singh's wife, Amanika "Mika" Chand-Singhm; the police chief of the town of Newman (California), Randy Richardson; and the head of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, Adam Christianson.

This Wednesday it was learned that the Mexican Gustavo Pérez Arriaga, suspected of murdering Singh, was accused in a Stanislaus court of murder under special circumstances.

In the indictment against Pérez Arriaga, 32, who was also identified under the alias "Pablo Pérez González" and "Paula Virgen Mendoza," the prosecutor's office Jeff Mangar of Stanislaus County said the Mexican acted maliciously and premeditation when firing at a peace officer who tried to stop him.

The incident occurred in the city of Newton, California, after Singh tried to stop the suspect for believing he was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

This case gained notoriety after Christianson revealed that the suspect is undocumented and that he was trying to flee to Mexico.

Ronil "Ron" Singh, a 31-year-old immigrant from the Fiji Islands, was married and had a five-month-old son.


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