July 5, 2020

Trump says there is a "very good chance" of reaching an agreement with China

The US president, Donald Trump, said Wednesday that there is a "very good chance" of reaching a trade agreement with China, a day before talks with representatives of the Asian giant resume in Washington.

"There is a very good possibility," Trump said in the White House when asked by journalists about the next round of US negotiations. and China, which starts this Thursday.

"The question is, do I want to make a deal? And the answer is: if it's the right deal, yes," he added.

In his statements, the president argued that China "has great respect" for him and considered that to reach a pact there are only two important people: himself and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

"China wants to reach a deal more than me … I am very happy now, we are taking billions of dollars in tariffs," he continued.

The US delegation for negotiations with China will be headed by the Foreign Trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin; and the Chinese by the vice president, Liu He.

The meeting will take place days before the new rise in tariffs, scheduled for October 15, from 25 to 30% to Chinese imports worth 250,000 million dollars.

Last September 1 took place the last episode of the commercial war that confronts Washington and Beijing with the entry into force of the increase of 10 to 15% on Chinese imports worth 112,000 million dollars

In retaliation, Beijing launched the 5 to 10% levies on US products valued at $ 75 billion.

Wall Street recovered on Wednesday the optimism before the round of trade negotiations between the United States and China that begins tomorrow and from which the markets expect solutions to a tariff conflict that lasts months.

On the controversy generated in China by a tweet this Sunday by Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets of the NBA, in favor of prodemocracy protesters in Hong Kong, Trump lamented that the Asian country "speaks badly of the United States."

"They have to solve their own situation, the NBA knows what it is doing," he said.

In fact, the overwhelming response given by China to the Rockets to break all kinds of work and trade with the team after the controversy after Morey's support for Hong Kong set off alarms at the NBA offices, which disallowed the manager of the basketball club.

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