Trump says there has been "great progress" in negotiations with China

Trump says there has been "great progress" in negotiations with China

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured today that there has been "a great progress" in the negotiations on commercial matters between his country and China, although he did not give concrete details about the future pact between both countries.

"I just had a long and very good conversation with President Xi (Jinping) of China, the negotiation is proceeding very well, and if it is achieved, it will be very complete, covering all the issues, areas and points in dispute. great progress! "said Trump in his Twitter account.

The United States and China are in the midst of a 90-day trade truce agreed between Trump and Xi during the G20 summit in Argentina in early December.

If at the end of that period (which began on December 1) there is no satisfactory solution to Washington's concerns, US tariffs on Chinese products worth 200 billion dollars will be raised from the current 10% to 25%.

In spite of the commercial tension between both countries during the last months, the truce has supposed good gestures on the part of the two governments in economic matter.

The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced in mid-December that China will suspend additional tariffs for vehicles and auto parts manufactured in the United States for three months starting on January 1, 2019.

Also, the Government of Xi approved the resumption of the purchase of soy from that country and the Chinese legislators agreed to the presentation of a bill to prohibit the forced transfer of technology.

For his part, Trump said two weeks ago that his country could reach "soon" a trade agreement with China, after the Asian giant announced that its industrial production has slowed, one of the president's objectives.

The White House wants the talks with Beijing to provoke structural changes in the Chinese trading system, in particular as regards what it considers a forced transfer of technology and limited protection of intellectual property.

The Trump Executive also wants the negotiations to translate into an opening of the Chinese market to US agricultural products and manufacturers.


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