October 28, 2020

Trump pushes to close Congress to appoint unsupervised charges

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, pressed this Wednesday to close Congress if it still does not meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic to be able to appoint positions without the supervision of the Legislative.

Trump appealed to a constitutional power never used before to threaten to close the lower house and the senate if they do not agree to meet or suspend their activity on their own initiative.

“The current practice of leaving the city (Washington) while conducting false ‘pro forma’ sessions is a breach of duty that the American people cannot afford during this crisis. It is a scam. What they do is a scam and everyone knows it. “Trump said during a press conference.

The fact that Congress remains formally open but without activity does not allow Trump to automatically appoint to positions.

Trump blamed the Democratic opposition for the paralysis and assumed that the Republican-controlled Senate will agree to suspend his activities to give him that power.

“If the lower house (in the Democratic hands) does not accept this suspension, I will exercise my constitutional authority to close both houses,” said Trump, stating that the government “needs” that the congressmen return to work.

“They know it, they have been warned and they are being warned right now. If they do not approve it, then we will take that path and they will probably take us to court and we will see who wins,” added the president.

The president explained that there are 129 charges awaiting Senate approval to take office, some, Trump said, vital to aiding the COVID-19 pandemic as the director of National Intelligence or undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of food programs.

The Senate is not scheduled to meet until April 20, but the lower house until May 4.

Despite their lack of activity, congressmen were able to negotiate, legislate, and approve in late March the $ 2.2 trillion economic stimulus package to respond to COVID-19, the largest in US history.

In the city of Washington, the seat of both the Congress as the White House, a confinement order that its mayor, Muriel Bowser, issued this Wednesday until May 15.


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