July 4, 2020

Trump plans to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes with flavors in the US

The administration of the US president, Donald Trump, announced Wednesday that he plans to ban the marketing of electronic cigarettes with flavors in the country, after the first deaths caused by their use have been made public in recent days.

"The FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) is working to ban electronic cigarettes with flavors," Health Secretary Alex Azar said in statements to reporters at the White House.

Azar explained that it will take "several weeks" to complete this process and then a period of 30 days for the decision to ban all flavors of electronic cigarettes, except tobacco, to take effect.

Azar made the announcement in the Oval Office next to Trump, who said that vaping is a problem that especially affects "innocent children."

"We will have to do something about this," Trump said.

His wife, First Lady Melania Trump, said yesterday that she is "deeply concerned" about the increasing use of these cigarettes in the US.

"I am deeply concerned about the growing epidemic of the use of electronic cigarettes among our children. We need to do everything possible to protect the public from tobacco-related diseases and deaths, and prevent electronic cigarettes from becoming a way of access to nicotine addiction, "said Melania Trump on her Twitter account.

Trump's notice comes after authorities have already reported the deaths of six people – three of them last Friday – as a result of electronic cigarettes, a practice on which bans are being imposed for their risks.

The last one, a woman over 50 years old, was released on Tuesday.

Last week, Michigan Governor Democrat Gretchen Whitmer decreed the ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes, making the state the first to sell those products.

Lung scanners of patients with vaping disease show what a serious viral or bacterial pneumonia looks like, but tests to confirm those diseases give negative results.

These vaporizers are sold without age restrictions and are offered with flavors such as fruit juices, candies and chewing gums.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nicotine, both in regular and electronic cigarettes, is addictive.

Other ingredients in the liquid of these cigarettes include ultrafine particles that can reach the lungs, flavor compounds such as diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung diseases, and heavy metals such as nickel, tin and lead.

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