Trump once again exceeds expectations with a show of electoral force amid the pandemic

It happened in 2016. Everything pointed to a placid victory for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. But the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, took over the presidency of the United States in an unexpected way: He was a candidate from outside the party system, fought with the press, heterodox and eccentric. But he won.

From the triumphant Kennedy in Berlin to the hostility of Trump: the link with Europe risks its survival in the American elections

From the triumphant Kennedy in Berlin to the hostility of Trump: the link with Europe risks its survival in the American elections

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Four years later, polling companies again predicted a Republican defeat. They said that in four years the demoscopy had been improved, that the polls were better done and that Trump, a president overwhelmed by the pandemic as well as a coronavirus denier, even more fought with the press, questioning the electoral count in the A country that had been ruling for four years and in an almost cold war with China, it seemed that it was living its last days in the White House.

But the count is not confirming the demoscopic studies. At least for now, and it may take time to know the final winner because of Trump’s endurance, because of his connection with the Conservative vote and his ability to keep alive the wave that took him to the White House in 2016.

After an entire night of scrutiny, the president of the United States and Republican candidate is demonstrating his strength above experts and polls in the midst of a pandemic. Trump is preserving the same states that made him president four years ago and only Arizona could change sides – at 8:00 in the morning Spanish peninsular time – something that nothing more than Fox projects.

The Republican candidate has clearly prevailed in significant Florida, for example, a state that polls gave Biden, which has generated a critical tweet from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The big battle, therefore, is taking place in the Midwest – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – where counts are lagging but Trump continues to lead, as well as Georgia. Democrats are confident that vote-by-mail can tip the balance in Biden’s favor in Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. But while recounting, Trump casts doubts on the results if they are not favorable to him.

Indeed, the Republican candidate has had no problem in continuing to question the electoral count in a tweet quarantined by Twitter, insofar as they are allegations of crimes without any proof.

In an unpublished statement from the White House turned into an electoral space for Trump, the Republican candidate has been “ready for a celebration.”

“The results have been phenomenal, and we are ready to celebrate a success, it has been a record of participation, and we have won in unforeseen states, like Florida”, said Trump: “It is clear that we have won Georgia, and also Carolina del North, as well as Pennsylvania by a tremendous distance, we are winning Michigan and Wisconsin, and we don’t need all of them. ”

“It is a fraud, a shame, we are ready to win and, frankly, we have won the elections. It is a fraud for our nation, we have won the elections,” he said: “We are going to win this and, as far as I’m concerned We have already won. We will go to the Supreme Court if necessary. ”

The Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden, for his part, has asked his followers in a short statement to keep “the faith” until “the last vote is counted.” “We are going to win this”, has sentenced.

Biden has asked for “patience” and has shown confidence in winning the state of Arizona, where Trump prevailed in 2016, and thus be able to turn around the elections. Biden has also been optimistic about the bottom line for major disputed states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. “We have a good feeling of where we are now, we believe we are on the road to victory. The result may be known tomorrow or later, but the unprecedented early vote tells us that we are on the right track.”


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