Trump mocks the testimony of the alleged victim of Kavanough

US President Donald Trump questioned the testimony of Christine Ford, the alleged victim of Judge Brett Kavanough, nominated by the president to fill the vacancy of the Supreme Court.

During a rally in Mississippi last night, Trump questioned the version that Ford offered under oath before the Senate Justice Committee, where she was questioned last week to discuss the alleged sexual assault.

"How did you get home?" I do not remember. "How did you get there (the place of aggression)?" I do not remember. "Where was it?" I do not remember. "How many years ago? I know, '"Trump said, ridiculing Ford's responses at the hearing.

"In what neighborhood was it?" I do not know. "Where was the house?" I do not know. "On the floor above, on the floor below?" I do not know, but I had a beer that's what the only one I remember '", added the president.

Trump also said that Ford's testimony has "shattered" Kavanough and his family, and said that those who have promoted him-in reference to the Democrats-are "evil people."

Ford declared last week to be completely sure that Kavanough tried to rape her in the summer of 1982.

His complaint prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to reopen his investigation into Kavanough before the Senate proceeds to confirm him for the lifetime position in the Supreme Court for which Trump nominated him.

In addition to Ford, at least two other women have reported sexual abuse by Kavanough, and acquaintances of the magistrate have also come to light to warn that he was not being honest in his statements.


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