Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Trump installs a $ 50,000 golf simulator in the White House

Trump instala un simulador de golf de 50.000 dólares en la Casa Blanca

Donald Trump You can already show off your last eccentricity. The president of U.S he has spent 50,000 dollars (more than 44,000 euros) from his pocket to install golf simulator in the White House that allows you to perform virtual tours in fields around the world in real format thanks to a large screen with hit sensors. The idea is not new, since Barack Obama he had already installed an older version of the same game, as he has published
The Washington Post
citing sources from the Administration.

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Obama I already had an older version of the same game

In its digital edition, the newspaper says that Trump, fond of golf, has not yet released this new simulator. And that in any case he will only do it when he can not practice this sport outdoors. Something that since he is president has done about 140 times, according to their own accounts. Generally in any of the 16 golf courses of your property. The last time he did was on February 2 with stars like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus in the field he owns in Jupiter (Florida).

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