May 16, 2021

Trump evaluates a "Plan B" in case Congress denies him money for the wall

Trump evaluates a "Plan B" in case Congress denies him money for the wall

US President Donald Trump acknowledged today that he is evaluating an alternative plan to secure the border, which could include the deployment of troops and barbed fences, should Congress deny him the 5,000 million he has requested for his wall with Mexico.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the president said he is studying several possibilities to prevent the entry of Central American migrants fleeing poverty and violence in their countries of origin.

Trump is pressing the legislators of his own party, the Republican, to include funds to finance the wall with Mexico in the federal budget that they must approve before December 7.

"If we did not get it, could we do it differently? There are other possible ways to do it, you saw what we did with the military, we just arrived with barbed wire and fences and several other things," Trump explained today. The Washington Post.

So far, Trump has sent 5,800 soldiers to the border with Mexico, and in recent weeks, immigration agents from the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have reinforced the border with about 20 kilometers of barbed wire, including parts of the border. border port of San Ysidro (California).

At that point on the border, on Sunday, immigration agents used tear gas to disperse a group of immigrants, including women and children.

The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has repeated on several occasions that he would like to get the 5 billion dollars that Trump asks for the construction of the wall, although it is unlikely that Democrats will support that option.

The last bipartisan pact in July on that issue resulted in $ 1.6 billion for Trump's flagship proposal, after the Republicans included the wall within the budget for the Department of Defense.

After the legislative elections of November 6, the Democrats regained a majority in the lower house after 8 years in the minority, while the Republicans managed to increase their majority in the Senate.

The new Congress will begin on January 3 and, due to the new Democratic majority in the lower house, Trump will have a harder time raising funds for the wall.


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