Trump donates one quarter of his salary to the Department of Homeland Security

Trump donates one quarter of his salary to the Department of Homeland Security

US President Donald Trump on Monday donated $ 100,000, the equivalent of one quarter of his salary, to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is responsible, among other things, for border surveillance.

"Although the press does not like to write about this, I do not need them either, I give my annual salary of $ 400,000 to different agencies throughout the year, this to National Security," the president said on Twitter, where he attached a copy of the check. with which he made the donation.

The president said that if he did not make these donations, the media would criticize him.

Trump promised during the election campaign that he faced the Democrat Hillary Clinton that, to win the elections held in November 2016, or donate his salary or return it to the Department of the Treasury.

"If I get elected president, I will not accept the salary, okay? That's not a problem for me," the then Republican candidate and real estate mogul, whose fortune amounts to 3,700 million dollars, said during a campaign rally, according to the magazine. Forbes.

Later, during an interview with the program of the CBS network "60 Minutes", Trum clarified that he would accept to receive 1 dollar because the law forces him to receive a salary as president.

After arriving at the White House, Trump made his first donation to the National Park Service, an institution highly valued among Americans who had just celebrated his centenary.

The donation to the National Park Service was staged in the press room of the White House with the delivery of the check by the then spokesman, Sean Spicer, to then Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

During that first year in power, Trump made other quarterly donations to the Department of Education, Health and Transportation.

In 2018, he made donations to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Small Business Administration, and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

The DHS, graced today, is the agency in charge of border surveillance through the Border Patrol, as well as the detention and deportation of immigrants through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE).


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