Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Trump criticizes the Oscars to reward a South Korean film as Parasites

TO Donald Trump did not like the last prizes Oscar from the Hollywood Academy. The president of the USA has taken advantage of a rally for his election campaign in Colorado to criticize that the big winner out Parasites for being a movie of South Korea.

“What the hell is all that about? We already have a lot of problems with South Korea, with the trade, and they give them the prize for the best film of the year. It was good? I don’t know, let’s recover gone With the Wind or Sunset boulevard… So many great movies, ”he exclaimed in his mocking tone.

Trump prefers to recover the style of the great movie classics

Trump asked to recover the style of these two films from 1939 and 1950, while linking the political and economic situation of both countries with the prize given to a film that has also triumphed at festivals such as Cannes (France). “I thought it was the best foreign film, right?” He said in reference to the category in which he also won Parasites and now called “best international film”.

While Trump spoke his words, he published him with laughter and boos to the Hollywood Academy, responsible for delivering the Oscar. The truth is Parasites it made history to be the first non-English-speaking film that wins the Oscar for best film, in addition to the international band, something that last year was close to getting the Mexican Rome in awards that have traditionally focused on recognizing Anglo-Saxon cinema.

Trump's mass bath in Colorado

Trump’s mass bath in Colorado

The response of the distributor of Parasites in the US, Neon, responded within a few minutes on Twitter, where he wrote “it’s understandable, can’t read”, Accompanying a video of the intervention of the US president.

Trump also took the opportunity to criticize the last Oscar winner for best supporting actor, Brad Pitt. “And then you have Brad Pitt, I was never a big fan of his,” he said.

“He got up, said a small wise thing. He is a little wise guy, ”said the president about a speech in which the actor ironic in relating how brief the interventions of the Oscars are with how short the witness statement was in the political trial against Trump when his party took the control of it in the Senate.

Finally, the president also lashed out at Time and the climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg, chosen as “person of the year” 2019 by this magazine.

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