Trump comes to the rescue of Ted Cruz in Republican Texas

Trump comes to the rescue of Ted Cruz in Republican Texas

US President Donald Trump led a massive rally in Houston today to support Texan Senator Ted Cruz and strengthen the Republican dominance that polls question in this conservative state of the South.

"They will try to convince them that Texas is at stake," said Trump, referring to those polls and commentators in the media.

The president went to Texas on the eve of the legislative to defend his weak majority in the Upper House and therefore Cruz, one of the most right-wing senators in the country, which is playing the re-election against the charismatic leftist Beto O'Rourke.

"It's to the left of Elizabeth Warren, it's to the left of Bernie Sanders, the state of Texas is not going to tolerate it," Cruz told nearly 20,000 people (according to the police) who, for the most part, had come to the rally. at the Toyota Center in Houston to see the president up close.

Trump and Cruz maintained a tense dispute during the primary of the Republican Party to the White House two years ago, but the president acknowledged today that after these "difficulties", the senator is now "a great friend".

"Nobody has helped me more in all the things we are doing than Senator Cruz," said Trump, trying to boost his candidacy against the surprise O'Rourke, who with positions so far unpopular in Texas maintains the pulse in the polls.

Trump, however, resorted to his usual libretto to boast of tax cuts, low unemployment, international disputes -presumed to be an "unpopular" president abroad-, immigration and, of course, the wall with Mexico, the country with the that Texas shares about half of the 3,145 kilometers of border.

"We need to raise the wall quickly," said Trump, citing the caravan with thousands of immigrants who left Honduras a few days ago and is moving through Mexico north and which the president called an "attack" on the United States.

"I think the Democrats have something to do with that," said Trump, who insisted on his theory that the opposition party has encouraged the caravan and that they are now "regretting."

It was then when the president claimed as "nationalist" against the "globalists" who "want the world to do well without caring so much" United States.

"There is a word, it has gone a little fashionable, it is 'nationalist', and I say, seriously, should not we use that word? Do you know what I am? I am a nationalist, okay? I am a nationalist. that word, "said Trump.

The rally had other of the usual ingredients in the Trump acts: boos to the media every time the president accused them of spreading "false news" or opponents infiltrated among the public that for a few seconds managed to attract attention before being evicted for their own safety.

In a speech of about an hour and a half, long even by Trump standards, which caused the seats to be emptied, the president not only defended Cruz, but the entire Republican caucus in the lower house and charges state that has stained the power spaces in Texas for decades.

And is that in recent weeks Trump has redoubled its commitment to maintain and even expand the Republican majority in the Senate, but also to resist the Democratic onslaught in the House of Representatives, the so-called "blue wave" that the polls predicted until it does so much.

In addition to renewing a third of the Senate and the entire Upper House, Americans are called to the polls on November 6 to show their satisfaction with the first two years of Trump in the White House.


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