August 5, 2021

Trump believes Kim’s illness was “false” and hopes he is fine

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured this Thursday that the news about the supposed health problems of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, was “false” and expressed his wish that the dictator be “well “

“We have a good relationship with North Korea, as good as it can be. I have a good relationship with Kim and I hope he is doing well,” the president said at a press conference at the White House.

In addition, Trump considered the news to be “false” and lashed out at CNN, which was the only US outlet to publish the information on Kim.

“I think that news was wrong, I’m just going to say it like this. The article that was made by a network (referring to CNN) was wrong. I was told they used false documents. That’s what I heard, it was news. incorrect, “he added.

The president then starred in a tense exchange with a CNN journalist who he was not allowed to ask a question, alleging that he was part of the “false news.”

Until now, Trump had limited himself to saying that his Administration was investigating the rumors about Kim’s health and had refused to confirm or deny them.

This Monday, CNN and Daily NK, a Seoul-based newspaper that has a wide network of contacts in the neighboring country, reported that the North Korean leader (aged between 36 or 37) could have undergone an operation. at heart and that could be in serious condition.

The news about possible health problems appeared after North Korean media failed to show him last week participating in the traditional visit to the Pyongyang mausoleum where the remains of his grandfather Kim Il-sung lie.

USA and North Korea began a negotiation process in 2018 that has led to two summits between Trump and Kim: the first in June 2018 in Singapore and the second in February 2019 in Hanoi, which was closed without an agreement on the denuclearization process. .

Subsequently, in December 2019, Pyongyang announced that it was suspending dialogue with Washington, although the Trump Administration has continued to try to converse.


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