Trump awards the Honor Medal to a health worker for his heroism in Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump today awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest military distinction in the country, to Ronald J. Shurer II, technical sergeant, for his "ostensible gallantry" in combat during an offensive in Afghanistan, in April 2008 .

"Ron joins today the most exclusive group of heroes in the world," said a warm Trump, who did not hesitate to emphasize that the former military is currently a member of the Secret Service, the body responsible for ensuring the safety of the president.

Shurer, 39, joined the Armed Forces in 2001, in response to the historic attacks that on September 11 of that year shook the foundations of the country, said Trump.

In April 2008, the retired military officer served as a health worker in the Special Forces, which at that time were fighting in Afghanistan in the framework of Operation Enduring Freedom, when his unit was ordered to hunt down a gang of insurgents of the Islamist group the Hezb-e-Islami, which was in the valley of Shok.

"The mission was to hunt down a murderous terrorist, a leader in that war, who was in a remote mountain village, a very dangerous territory," Trump explained during a solemn ceremony held at the White House.

During the offensive, under the fire of snipers and grenade launchers, the American outpost suffered numerous casualties and was cornered on a mountainside.

In spite of the danger, Shurer abandoned his parapet to come to the aid of a soldier who had been left behind after being hit by enemy fire.

After stabilizing his partner, the health worker again exposed himself to the bullets to run up the hill until he reached the position where the main body of the advance guard was, where he treated four other soldiers.

Then, according to the US Department of Defense, he began loading, one by one, his companions down the mountain using his own body as a shield until he reached a helicopter that waited to evacuate the wounded.

At one point, while carrying one of his comrades, Shurer was hit by a bullet in the helmet, which, as the president recalled today, "it was as if he had been hit with a bat"; A second shot hit his arm.

Finally, once the wounded had been moved, Shurer resumed command of his squad and continued fighting.


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