July 9, 2020

Trump asks for a "full investigation" on Epstein's alleged suicide

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for a "full investigation" of the alleged suicide in his cell by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein last Saturday, and alluded to a hypothetical visit by ex-president Bill Clinton to the island owned by the deceased businessman.

"I want a full investigation," Trump told reporters at the Morristown airport (New Jersey, USA), where he is on vacation these days, in what was his first public statement at Epstein's death, to Who knew.

The president, however, had already used Twitter to share a conspiracy theory about the alleged suicide of Epstein that related his death with the Clintons.

Asked about it, Trump argued that the person who shared that theory, Terrence Williams, is a conservative "highly respected" social gathering with more than 500,000 followers.

In addition, the president wondered if Bill Clinton (1993-2001) actually traveled to the private island owned by Epstein, in the Caribbean Sea, where the billionaire allegedly organized meetings between personalities and women, including minors.

"Did Bill Clinton go to the island (of Epstein)? That is the question. If they solve that, they will know many things," Trump said enigmatically to reporters.

Trump's statements come a day after US Attorney General William Barr mentioned "serious irregularities" in the prison where Epstein was being held, who was found dead in his cell on Saturday at a federal jail in New York, after being accused of child sex trafficking.

The attorney general promised that the authorities will "get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability," and stressed that both the FBI and the Office of the Inspector General conduct investigations into what happened.

The sudden death and in strange circumstances of the tycoon has caused numerous conspiracy theories to circulate about his death due to the characters that the millionaire was related to, such as former President Clinton, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, or Trump himself.

Epstein had already faced similar accusations in the state of Florida in 2008, although he then reached an agreement with prosecutor Alexander Acosta, later Secretary of Labor in the Trump Administration and who had to resign from this position for the scandal unleashed by a pact Secret hidden from the victims.

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