Trump announces the relocation of 750 agents on the border with Mexico

Trump announces the relocation of 750 agents on the border with Mexico

US President Donald Trump today announced the relocation of 750 agents from "specific ports of entry" along the border with Mexico to help in the control of immigrants, which will lead to "delays in the trafficking of vehicles and commercial ".

"We have relocated 750 agents from specific ports of entry on the southern border to help with the large-scale arrival of illegal migrants trying to enter the country," Trump said in a message posted on Saturday afternoon through his personal account. of Twitter.

The president acknowledged that this measure "will cause delays in vehicle and commercial traffic" until Mexico "is able to use its powerful common sense immigration laws" to prevent the arrival of new migrants to the US border. and sports to their countries of origin.

"Until Mexico ends this ridiculous and huge migration, we will focus on border security, not ports of entry," said Trump.

This announcement comes after the past April 1 the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym in English), Kirstjen Nielsen, asked to move more troops to the border with Mexico and to increase the number of returned migrants to the neighboring country.

During the last days, the president has flirted with the possibility of closing the border, something he has desisted for the moment, and has threatened to sanction the country due to drug trafficking entering US territory from its southern neighbor.

This Friday, Trump said that the country "can not accept" more asylum seekers because "it is full," and hinted that Mexico should deport the undocumented who arrive at the common border to seek refuge in national territory.

"The system is full, we can not accept them now, either for asylum or whatever they want (the undocumented) We can not accept them, so I'm sorry, but turn around," Trump said, addressing immigrants who arrive to the southern border.


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