Trump announces the departure of the DHS secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen

Trump announces the departure of the DHS secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen

Washington, Apr 7 (EFEUSA) .- The president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced on Sunday that the Secretary of the Department of National Security (DHS, for its acronym in English) will leave his position and that his position will be filled by the current commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), Kevin McAleenan.

"Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen will step down and I would like to thank her for her services … I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current Commissioner of the Office of Customs and Border Protection, will become the Secretary interim DHS, "Trump announced via Twitter.

Some media reported that Nielsen had gone to the White House late Sunday afternoon to meet with Trump, a date that was not marked on the weekend agenda of the president.

Nielsen had become the arm to execute the president's immigration policies, which had been criticized by the opposition and by numerous social groups for what they considered to be an act devoid of humanity on the part of the Administration.

Months ago there was speculation about the departure of the secretary, especially after the resignation of the White House chief of staff, John Kelly, who proposed the name Nielsen to succeed him as head of the DHS when he became the president's right-hand man.

However, his departure was not consummated until this Sunday when, according to some media reports, he submitted his resignation to the president.

In his letter of resignation, which has been disclosed by some media, Nielsen expresses his wish that his successor has the "support of Congress and the courts to fix the laws" which, he says, have diminished the ability of DHS to " safeguard "the country.

Some social organizations, such as America's Voice, did not take long to react to the news on social networks and noted that, despite his resignation, "Nielsen's legacy will always be linked to the policy of family separation" carried out by the Executive and that has involved the separation of thousands of minors who crossed the southern border of the country with their families.


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