July 29, 2021

Trump admits that the Senate is his priority in his campaign for the legislative

Trump admits that the Senate is his priority in his campaign for the legislative

US President Donald Trump admitted today that he has focused "mainly" on expanding the Republican majority in the Senate in his campaign for the legislative elections on Tuesday, although it is the lower house that is most likely to fall hands of the democratic opposition.

"We're going to do well in the House of Representatives, but as you know, my main focus has been the Senate, and I think we're going to do really well in the Senate," Trump told reporters as he left the White House. heading to Macon (Georgia).

Trump already acknowledged on Friday that the Democrats "could" regain control of the House of Representatives, which has been in Republican hands since 2011, and today justified his decision not to invest more efforts to prevent that from happening.

"I can not campaign for all those congressmen, there are a lot of people in the lower house, there would be too many stops," he said.

In the elections on Tuesday all the seats in the House of Representatives are renewed, a total of 435, while in the Senate only one third of the 100 seats is at stake.

Opposition to Trump needs to win 23 seats to take the reins of the lower house, and analysts estimate that they could win up to 35 seats and win the majority.

In contrast, the map is much less favorable for Democrats in the Senate, where they have to defend more seats than Republicans, and in especially conservative states.

Against that backdrop, Trump has focused on Senate and Governing candidates in states he won in 2016 and where he feels comfortable, and has devoted less attention to the lower house due in part to the fact that many of his key seats are contested in suburbs. cities mostly democrats.

The president predicted today that his frequent meetings could affect the sum of "five, or six, or seven" Republican seats more to the small majority of that party in the Senate, which is only 51 of the 100 seats.

Trump had two campaign events scheduled today, the first in Georgia, where the race for governorship is very tight, and the second in Tennessee, where he wants to boost the slight advantage in the polls of the Republican candidate to the Senate, Marsha Blackburn.

Former President Barack Obama also returned to the political arena today with two rallies in favor of Democratic candidates, in Indiana and Illinois.


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