Trump acknowledges that Biden won the election in a tweet insisting on unfounded accusations of fraud

After a long night of riots in the USA Due to the confrontation between protesters for and against Donald Trump, the president has used his social networks to continue criticizing and denouncing what he considers to be a fraud in the election results. The novelty in his latest tweets is that he has recognized for the first time the victory of Joe Biden, which until now he had denied.

Trump claims that the Democratic candidate "won because the elections were rigged", since according to him observers were not allowed access during the elections and the votes were counted by a company that "is owned by the radical left." Republicans have provided no evidence to support these accusations, and Most of the complaints they have filed in court are about minor issues, have been rejected or have already been resolved.

These statements are in response to an excerpt from the Fox News program Watters' World, in which its host, Jesse B. Waters, casts doubt on the election result and Biden's victory on the grounds that "no It makes sense, Joe Biden doesn't deserve it and he thought he was going to lose. "

As usual, Twitter has included in the tweet the notice that "this accusation of electoral fraud is being questioned."


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