October 27, 2020

Trujillo regrets that the policy “contaminates” the way of acting of the administrations

Blas Trujillo

Blas Trujillo
Europa Press

The Minister of Health of the Canary Islands Government, Blas Trujillo, has regretted this Wednesday what he understands as a form of political contamination in the actions of public administrations regarding the pandemic of coronavirus, after the disagreements that have occurred in the Interterritorial Health Commission between the Government of Spain and some autonomous communities and cities.

Trujillo has assured that the good atmosphere that had reigned in these meetings of the Health Councilors of the autonomous communities with Minister Salvador Illa “has been broken” this Wednesday due to the disagreements arising from the epidemiological situation in Madrid, which would have “spread” the good work that had been done so far.

Canarias has approved the document presented by the Government of Spain with the restrictions to take in case of presenting pandemic data similar to those of the Community of Madrid, which this territory together with Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia and Ceuta have decided to reject the imposed measures.

Regarding the position of these communities, Trujillo has indicated that he is “concerned” since he understands that citizens “will not understand that in a context of such seriousness, politics contaminates the way of acting of the administrations public “.

In addition, he has ensured that he does not understand the disagreement “when today it was a question of adopting forceful measures in relation to the most serious cases that exist in Spain and that are in the surroundings of the Community of Madrid, and yet it has not come to fruition “.

All this, despite the fact that the news of the last hours invited to have some optimism about the result of this inter-territorial commission, since Madrid and the state Executive had reached a basic agreement after the meeting they held this Tuesday, and which was the one that was presented to the rest of the territories this Wednesday.

Trujillo has concluded by insisting that what happened in the commission is not “good for anyone” and that he expects a solution worked out together “sooner rather than later” to try to “redirect the situation.”


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