May 26, 2020

Truckers denounce the closure of La Junquera before Prosecutor

They ask that the Civil Guard open an investigation to identify those responsible. The main employer finalizes a complaint against the Generalitat and the State to claim 150 million

The National Road Transport Committee (CNTC) – which brings together national associations of transporters – has filed a criminal complaint against those responsible, directly and indirectly, for the highway cuts registered in Catalonia following the ruling of the 'procés' issued by the Supreme Court, especially in the AP-7 at the border crossing of La Junquera. The intention of the carriers is to identify and bring to court the protagonists of the disturbances and those who organized them. “It is very sad but, after everything that happened and the losses that produced so many people, no one has been held responsible so far and no one has been arrested. We think it's a shame and disrespectful to so many companies and workers, ”Dulce Díaz, general secretary of CETM, told LA RAZÓN. If the investigation opened by the Civil Guard and the Prosecutor's Office ends with charges, it would open the way to claim millionaire compensation for the losses suffered by the more than 20,000 truckers who were trapped for more than 36 hours on the AP-7 highway, the main one connection with the rest of the European Union.

Another ongoing complaint

The majority employer of the sector proposes to go one step further, since their legal services are already working to present a patrimonial complaint against the Generalitat and the State “for omission of their functions during the blockades, for not having preserved the free movement of vehicles and merchandise, something that is recognized in article 19 of the Spanish Constitution ”, manifest from CETM. This association confirmed to this newspaper that they are in full expert study among all the associates that were involved to determine the real amount that will be judicially claimed and that, so far, would be around 150 million euros. Its objective is that “all transport companies that have been harmed by the systematic cutting of Catalan roads can claim the corresponding compensation”.

The carriers will ask that both the central government and the Catalan Executive are responsible for subsidies of the losses caused by the CDR. Specifically, they study accusing the Generalitat, its president, Quim Torra, and the Mossos de Esquadra of having had a passive attitude and collusion with the violent, in addition to consciously preventing the reopening of the border, responsibility that extends to Pedro Sánchez executive, who did not guarantee the free passage in an international connection. They do not rule out that their allegations are extended to the independence associations that endorsed, encouraged and promoted these facts.

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