Trote: The Galician troop | Culture

Both in the format of the short film and in the length, among the diversity of cinemas in the national territory it may be Galician that in recent years has been deployed with a more recognizable and genuine style. Movies in Galician attached to the earth, to its people, to memory, emptiness and absence, more aware of the physical space and its visualization (bodies, places) than of the word and, above all, of the plot. A cinema that is fundamentally image and very sensory, that of authors such as Oliver Laxe, Lois Patiño, Eloy Enciso, Ángel Santos and Anxós Fazans in the long format and, among others, Álvaro Gago and Xacio Baño in the short, who has found a strong echo in various international festivals, mainly that of Locarno, the closest to its essentials.


Address: Xacio Bathroom.

Interpreters: María Vázquez, Diego Anido, Tamara Canosa, Celso Bugallo.

Gender: drama. Spain, 2018.

Duration: 83 minutes.

Baño, to which recently the Casa Encendida of Madrid has dedicated a retrospective, had aimed with three interesting short films (Anacos, Ser y voltar and Eco), and now take the leap to length with Trot, maintaining its particular style: ration card in terms of the information offered, little presence of the dialogues, open story, no importance of the plot and the development of history, preponderance of subtexts and paused, contemplative rhythm and according to force of their metaphors. All this with continuous physical refinements, shorter, with the help of windows and doors, dark interiors and bright exteriors, which mark the confinement to which their creatures are plunged. Reframings of the space that is filmed, and that can be traced even with the mattress of a bed, splitting the screen in two and sheltering their beings adrift.

Bare walls, naked bodies. Naked lives. Essentially that of a village woman, who stayed with her parents while her brother went to the city, information, by the way, that must be deduced because it never occurs. A mare apparently tamed by the men of her family, but about to explode, like the horses of the Rapa das bestas, the traditional Galician festival of the cut of the horse's mane, which acts as a symbolic figure of the interiorities of the protagonist : the excellent María Vázquez, defeated look, body in tension. Bath, thus, composes a harsh and sincere film, vehement and difficult, about the strength of the primary. Another work that add to those of his colleagues from the Galician cinema generation.


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