January 25, 2021

Triplet of Luis Monzn in the Subida de Juncalillo – La Provincia

Triplet of Luis Monzn in the Subida de Juncalillo - La Provincia

Luis Monzón, at the controls of Mini JCW-WRC ceded by the Auto-Lacquer equipment, was proclaimed this Saturday brilliant winner of the XXIII Juncalillo climb, by marking a better time of 2.35.894.

The pilot from Sauto new test record to the lower the chrono that he himself to him last year (2: 35.921). He signed his third consecutive victory in the historic northern ramp.

The winner of the first appointment of the Provincial of Mountain He excelled in 849 thousandths to the second classified, Miguel Cabral (2: 36,743), who with the EVO-X it improved in about four seconds its 2018 time (2: 40,382). The third position it fell Gustavo Bolaños, with the EVO-VII (2: 41,974).

The Two-time champion of Spain of rallies premiered asymmetrical tires at Mini JCW-WRC, saddle I saw reduced its power to the reduce the flange of the turbo in two millimeters. This it was not a handicap so that Luis Monzón was delivered in a day marked by the intense cold, accompanied by some rays of the sun.

The winner it looked overcome by Miguel Cabral in the first official manga, in which the Mitsubishi EVO-X driver set a time of 2: 38.051, while AutoLaca did it 758 thousandths later (2: 38,809).

This spurred the satauteño, who attacked to the maximum in the last ascension. So much that I got lower the test record that he himself established in the last edition. It was thus raised with a deserved victory at sign a record of 2: 35.894. The best time in Cabral it was of 2: 36,743.

Gustavo Bolaños (Mitsubishi EVO-VII), which I had not taken the exit in the training sleeve, completed the podium of victors when finishing in the third position with a best time of 2: 41.974, exceeding in 2,366 seconds to Williams Padrón and its spectacular Seat 600 JTR, which ended rooms with a record of 2: 44,340.

Christian German, at the controls of the BMW M3 E36, finished fifth by establishing a better time for 2: 50,770. The pilot of Maspalomas was seen with much desire and He showed his courage to position himself among the best.

The top 10 of this XXIII Subida de Juncalillo it was completed by the following pilots: Javier Castro (Renault Clio), sixth with 2: 58.617; Manuel Acosta (Toyota MR2), seventh with 3: 00.534; José A. Rodríguez (Renault Clio), eighth with 3: 03.992; David Gonzalez (Honda Civic Type R), ninth with 3: 06,205; Y José A. Rodríguez (Opel Corsa), tenth with 3: 06.894.


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