January 19, 2021

'Triple border': military action, greed and fraternity in South America | Culture

'Triple border': military action, greed and fraternity in South America | Culture

Five friends, all military ex-veterans and former Special Forces operatives, meet to plan an assault on an uninhabited border area in South America. The objective: to rob a powerful drug trafficker. For the first time in its prestigious careers, this squadron assumes a dangerous mission in its own benefit and not in that of its country. But when the situation suffers an unexpected turn and threatens to get out of control, it will trigger a series of unforeseen consequences. Under this premise, Netflix presents its new film full of well-known names, among which are the Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac Y the Chilean Pedro Pascal. On the occasion of promoting the film, the interpreters talked with EL PAÍS about this history of military action, greed and fraternity in the southern subcontinent of America.

The male cast of this production, directed by J.C. Chandor, they complete it Oscar winner for Argo, Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) that, together with Isaac and Pascal, make up this group of men who are affected by how the last 20 years of armed conflicts in the United States have affected their lives. The film portrays them in a situation of despair more than a decade later, far from the confrontations alien to their country. As a result of this situation, the question arises: How far is enough and how far can they go?

"There is the question if the end justifies the means, and that is very implicit. I think there is a great parable about the US military intervention around the world. The United States sees a place and manipulates people saying that they are going to do something very positive, that they will enter and leave with very few human losses and that continues to change and 10 years later they are still at war [esos territorios], then there is a very interesting allegory that is made about it, "says Isaac.

He is also director of The most violent year he reveals that his interest in Triple border it goes back to John Huston's 1948 classic, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, in which the action generates a despairing psychological battle. But he also wanted the film to have a dynamic of those movie classics about big robberies. "Triple border evokes classic cinema; It is a sophisticated and mature film. His narrative driven by the characters gives it an unpredictable character. It's not an action movie of the bunch, "says Pascal.

Although the geography where the story is located is South America, the production explains that filming in the Triple border It would have been impossible and the scenes in the Andes Mountains, inaccessible. For that reason, the recreation of these locations took place in Oahu, Hawaii, and in the Mammoth Mountains, in California. However, filming also took place in the La Isla neighborhood, in the municipality of Soacha, 24 kilometers from Bogotá, Colombia. "That scene that opens the movie was in Soacha. That community, that neighborhood on top of the mountain was one of the best places I filmed in my career, "explains Chandor.

Far from stereotypes

The locations that recreate South America were also an opportunity for Isaac and Pascal to have some dialogues in Spanish, especially for the protagonist of the new Star Wars trilogy. Originally his character was not Latino and he saw that this change was an opportunity to further enrich the story and get away from the stereotype of showing Latin American actors as drug traffickers. "For me it was very exciting. The other time I could speak enough Spanish was in another movie that J.C. He directed, The most violent year. This time I was able to do a little more, I have not had many opportunities and I liked that a lot, "adds Isaac.

For Pascal, having some dialogues in Spanish served him as an element to build a relationship between his character and Isaac's. Both actors have known each other for a long time and when they spend a large part of their time in the US, for their work, they make use of the Spanglish, the mixture of Spanish and English. "That's how our conversations go, it was really special to customize that for our characters in this story. We found the opportunity to connect as we connect in real life ", complements the Chilean actor.

While the film has to do with the world of drug trafficking, Ben Affleck says that it does not stereotype Latin America with that theme: "As the film focuses on the world of drug trafficking, it presents that aspect about cancer in the drug trade, and what it does to society, to communities, but it does not represent a complete profile of all facets or what really represents this part of the world. "

Pascal believes that it is necessary to look beyond the problem. Having participated in Narcos, knows how seductive these stories of drug trafficking and power struggles can be. believes that Triple border reveals the perspective of these veterans entering the world of this drug lord, Gabriel Martin Lorea, and see them become criminals who think in their own benefit. "As actors we can only perceive it as interpreting characters with faults that ultimately pay the cost of their actions and I know that J.C. Chandor is a responsible narrator, he will not fall into stereotypes. It is a film in which the characters and their motivations are at the center of the plot, and you see that the pressure is on them and the moral conflicts they have as they get worse, "the actor concludes. It was announced in Game of Thrones.

The film premiered in a limited way in some cinemas in the US on March 6 and will be available on the Netflix platform around the world starting March 13.


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