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With the Christmas holidays just around the corner comes the time to prepare the suitcase. The excitement at this expected moment does not have to mislead you in your goals. Put in your suitcase all those that you will need during your vacations and do it in the most organized way. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that all your belongings will arrive perfectly at your destination and that you will not miss anything during your vacation.

Keep in mind how many days you will be away from home, the time it will take to your destination and the activities you expect to do. With these premises, get down to work and prepare the best suitcase to go on a trip.

Check the weather. A fundamental previous step to prepare a good suitcase is to check the weather it will take at your destination. With this information, visualize the looks you want for your vacation and start organizing your suitcase. Ideally, you should opt for basic garments, which are easily combinable with each other and in this way ensure you various and varied styles.

Previous list. Before you start putting things in your suitcase, make a preliminary list of everything you will need. Check the necessary documentation for your trip, technological devices, medications, etc. Once you put them in the suitcase, go crossing them off your list.

Empty bag. Insert an empty bag in your suitcase, so that you can put in the same clothes that you dirty during your vacation and then be able to wash it on your return home.

Choose footwear. The first thing you will put in your suitcase will be the footwear. Place your shoes looking at each other so that they occupy less and introduce in them your underwear, well wrapped in a bag.

Roll up your clothes. At the time of packing and that your clothes occupy as little as possible inside it it is best that you roll it. With this practice you save space and, in addition, your clothes will not wrinkle during the trip.

Shirts and blazers or stretched blazers. On top of the rest of the clothes, place your shirts or folded shirts upside down. A trick so that they arrive in perfect condition at their destination is to place the belts on their neck and thus make sure they do not deform.

Hygiene products. To prepare your bag, opt for small scratches and soap bars, replacing the gel bottles. This will save space and avoid problems if you choose not to check your luggage if you travel by plane.

Bulky garments. If you are going to wear a sweater or sweatshirt for your vacations, wear them during your trip or in your destination bag to carry-on luggage. In this way, you can cope with the hated air conditioners of airplanes, trains and ships and save a lot of space in your suitcase.

Undo luggage as soon as possible. When you arrive at your destination, unpack your suitcase as soon as possible. If any garment has wrinkled and you don't have an iron, hang it in the bathroom and take advantage of the steam in the shower to eliminate wrinkles.


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