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There are certainmobile phones with very little memory space, which makes its users have to constantly review their applications and files, although there are certaintricks that can helpto monetize the storage of the telephone.

Getting more storage space for mobile phones can be a problem, especially forthose users whose phones have less than 16GB of memory, since only the operating system occupies more than half of the memory of these devices.

Certideal, platform dedicated to the sale of refurbished and second-hand smartphones, has shared a list with eight tricks to get the most out of the memory of any mobile device.

Most smartphones include aSlot that allows the incorporation of an SD memory cardor microSD, although it must be taken into account that it will only be used to include images, videos, documents and music. That is, applications can not be installed on these cards, as advertised by the company.

The iPhone does not have this possibility,so the solution to save space on these devices is to upload the images and other files to the cloud. Keep in mind that the files are recorded for a while on the mobile before being permanently deleted, so it is best to delete the images in the folder directly.

To save space with applications, Certideal advises usingthe 'lite' versions of these.The 'normal' versions have activated many functions in the background that also consume cache, which is avoided with the lighter versions.

Many phones come with pre-installed applications in their configuration that often slow down operating systems. Eliminating or deactivating them to stop working in the background is a good way to save space.

On the other hand,Certideal advises uninstalling applications and reinstalling theminstead of eliminating them, since space is released, but the documents and the data they contain are kept, and when they are reinstalled, the data will be automatically restored.

The services in streaming can help in this task, since they avoid having stored music or videos on the phone. However, it is advisable to erase the cache every so often, since applications such as Spotify or Netflix consume a lot of memory of this type.

On the other hand, the applications that supposedly are destined to free the memoryusually occupy more space than they shouldand, in addition, they consume battery. So it is advisable to eliminate them if you have them.

Finally, restoring the factory settings is the easiest method with which everything is erased, including user data, which is why you would have to make a backup before restoring factory settings.


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