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Amazon Prime Day 2021
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Article Last Updated Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021, Amazon's annual event, will begin at midnight June 20-21 and last until the end of the 22nd.

It will include more than two million offers for Prime customers around the world.

But Amazon Prime Day 2021 It can be as attractive as it is overwhelming.

How to find the best offers and bargains of this day through so much product?

Do not worry, we leave you the tricks that you have to follow to take advantage of all the bargains of the Amazon Prime Day 2021.

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Prime Day Live

We remind you that today India Martínez and DVICIO will perform at the Prime Day LIVE event, which will be broadcast in streaming at 19:30.

The concert will be presented live by the streamer Cristinini and the Andalusian actress and model Laura Sánchez from Seville.

It can be seen through the Amazon Spain channels on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Why is Amazon Prime Day 2021 celebrated?

This event began to be held in 2015., now six years ago.

Six editions of Amazon Prime Day 2021 that since its inception is only available to its Prime customers.

It serves to reward the fidelity of all those who buy regularly on the platform.

Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Different types of offers will be available for this edition of the Amazon event:

  • Offers of the day: with the lowest price for an entire day of Prime Day.
  • Flash deals: with a fixed duration of twelve hours.
  • You can't miss: We will have to be attentive!

In we will select each and every one of the most outstanding offers of Amazon Prime Day 2021 so that you do not miss any of them.

Amazon Prime Day 2021
Amazon Prime Day 2021

What do you need to take advantage of Prime Day?

To take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day 2021 offers, it will be essential to Prime customers.

Which is not a great effort because Amazon usually gives trial periods free where we will have up to a month of subscription without paying.

The usual price of Amazon Prime is 36 euros per year, but we can also use a subscription Prime Student to pay only € 18 per year.

Tricks to find bargains on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon App

The best deals sell out in the blink of an eye, so the main thing is to have the Amazon App installed on your smartphone.

Thus, you can access any of the offers at any time.

Most offers will remain active for 48 hours, but the juiciest ones will only last a few minutes.

Flash deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Each flash offer lasts for a while and offers limited units, but you can sign up for the queue waiting in case of having sold 100% of products.

Usually many users do not buy the selected object and you will have the opportunity to acquire it.

Real-time sale notifications

If you are interested in acquiring a specific product before the start of Amazon Prime Day 2021, it does not hurt enable notifications product tracking.

With this action we can find out at the time of their price drops.

Choose the item in question and activate the button 'Follow this offer' so that in the event that its price is lowered on the day of the event, Amazon will notify it.

Amazon Prime Day 2021
Amazon Prime Day 2021

Ask Alexa to remind you of Amazon Prime Day 2021

These are vacation days, sometimes babysitting when, you may not be all pending the calendar.

But we have a solution: Ask Alexa to remind you that the Prime day It is June 21 and 22.

Remember that the Sunday at 0:00So if you haven't gone to bed yet, take the opportunity to make sure you don't stay with what you've been dreaming of for months.

Activate the 1-click order option

Something you have to be (very) clear about is that offers are limited.

That is, the most rapid they will be the ones to take them.

Therefore, in addition to having the Amazon App installed, an option that will help you not run out of what you have been dreaming of for a long time is to use the 1-Click Order.

In this way, Amazon uses your default data as a customer without having to 'go through' the basket.

Make sure, therefore, that in addition to being Prime you are registered with the correct data on the platform.

Turn to Amazon Assistant on Prime Day

Amazon has developed a extension to help its users.

It not only serves to locate your orders, it is also useful to be able to compare products and find the most affordable for our pocket.

The 'app' is called Amazon Assistant and it is available for both Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or Safari.

In addition, we can activate certain notifications to avoid that an oversight plays a trick on us and we have to pay more for a product that had a lower price.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Advance Offers

Amazon Prime customers can now start taking advantage of advance offers.

In addition, from June 7 to 20, inclusive, Amazon will offer its customers Prime 10 euros of promotional balance, which they can use in their purchases during Amazon Prime Day 2021.

This promotion is fully funded by Amazon in order to publicize among its customers the items sold by small and medium businesses.

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