September 25, 2020

Tricks for Windows Task Manager – La Provincia

Task Manager is a tool that has been present in different versions of Windows since its introduction in 1996along with Windows NT 4.0. Now, 24 years later, its creator has compiled a list of tips and tricks for using this program, which informs about all the processes that run on a computer.

This is collected in a thread on the Reddit platformDavid Plummer, engineer and former Microsoft employee at its headquarters in Redmond (United States),It started working in Task Manager -TaskMgr- in 1993 and then worked for it to be included in Windows.

Plummer specifies thatthe tips are for Windows XP,but they can also be used for current versions, since the Task Manager application has had no major changes since then.

“Task Manager is one of the ‘apps’ that I’m most proud of because it’s probably the first or the most complicated at the time thatallowed to adjust its size completely and without flickering“Plummer has assured. The initial version of the program only took up 100 kilobytes (KB) of memory.

In case of trouble

If Windows Task Manager hangs or closes, Plummer advises opening another window with the command ‘control-shift-esc-, so it triesrestore for 10 secondsor a new one is opened whenever there are resources in the computer.

When resources are scarce, the program runs in reduced mode, so it only loads the process page. It is a limited function, but thanks to it it isone of the few Windows ‘apps’ that won’t stop workingwhen most errors occur.

However, in case the tool gets corrupted internally, it is recommended to close it, according to Plummer, and restart itholding the ‘Control-Alt-Shift’ buttons,which resets the configuration.

Frequent doubts

Despite the fact that 24 years agoLaunch Task Manager,Many users of the tool have since then experienced some frequent errors.

One of the most common mistakes is that the title bars disappear and only the graphics remain. To fix it, just double click on the blank space, which restores the normal mode. Plummer has recognized that this feature“It has confused more users than it has helped.”

Also, some users do not know that it is possibleadd additional columns, delete or drag them to sort the content in the Windows application.

Useful Commands

‘Control-shift-escape’ is one of the most useful Task Manager commands, as it is capable oflaunch the application without the help of the shell -the ‘shell’-or from Windows Explorer, in case these do not work, and then allows you to restore them.

If the ‘shell’ doesn’t work or is hanging,the Windows programIt also has a mode that allows shell32.dll to be loaded without any reference and allows programs like CMD.exe to be started without the start menu.

You can find the binary code of any running process in the process table by right-clicking and choosing‘Show file location’.

There shouldn’t be any processes that Administrator can’t finish, and it can even escalate privileges and remove bugs and problem apps.“If Task Manager can’t kill it, you have a ‘kernel’ problem”Plummer has concluded.


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