July 25, 2021

Tricicle says goodbye to the stages with 'Hit', "the best of the best" – The Province

Tricicle says goodbye to the stages with 'Hit', "the best of the best" - The Province

The Catalan humorous trio Tricicle will bid farewell to the stages with the play 'Hits', a concentrate of "the best of the best" of the eight shows that they have created in 39 years as a company and that can be seen from this Thursday until February 24 at the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona, ​​explained on Wednesday the actor Paco Mir.

"We will not leave. A stage is finished, to act live almost every day or to do 160 or 170 functions a year. We will do what we have always done outside Tricicle – direct, write, produce … – but with much more tranquility, "Mir told a press conference, along with Carles Sans and Joan Gràcia, at the Barcelona theater.

For the three of them, the city has a special meaning because it is where they started, debuting in the Villarroel and the Llantiol coffee theater, and the representations they will make in the town before turning to Catalunya have an important emotional content: "This is our city. It is important to say goodbye to the public, which we know is a lot here in Barcelona "said Sans.

They have observed that the theater they perform is very physical and demanding, – "And we already have an age, although it may not seem like it ", have joked -, so they prefer to leave it before they can not make this effort and that it shows in the result, in the same way that will happen to the footballer Lionel Messi, they have exemplified.

Gràcia has detailed that the farewell comes from that they want to make other projects, and has denied that behind there are disagreements, and has indicated that they continue changing in the same dressing room every night after 40 years together: "Nwe continue showing your ass every day ", whereas Sans has said that they feel sad that it finishes what has been 90% of its life in these years.

Female tricile

On their future plans, they have explained that they would like to make a female Tricicle, with three young 'clowns' like them when they started, a project that they currently see as "a good idea"and for which they would do a casting.

"Our genre has benefited us a lot because we have been the only ones who have interpreted it and we have succeeded, but he has also betrayed us a bit in film and television ", where no project is planned although they are absolutely open to proposals, and have added that their 'gags' require looking at the screen and television is currently consumed in another way.

Among the best moments lived, have remembered when they performed at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​but also when, after months working a show, they watched with satisfaction how the audience laughed, while they have a bad time when a 'skecth' fails: "A 'gag' and a laugh from the audience is something so rewarding that you do not forgive and do not let it get lost, "Sans said.

The actor has pointed out that some 'sketches' are decades old and still continue to do so, changing only technological aspects – putting a cell phone where a fax machine used to appear, for example–: "It shows that our gender and our mood does not age ", and Gràcia has observed that each 'sketch' has life by itself, with a humor that is sometimes a little naive and sometimes a bit black.

'Hits' is the longest show they have done so far, the 'gags' are more concentrated and the one that laughs the most, with 400 in one night – compared to the 250 that aroused their first productions -, and Sans has explained that it has cost them a lot to make a selection: "It is probably the best show", there is no option not to laugh, he added.

"We have been doing it for almost two years, it is very evident that the public has a good time", said Gràcia, who added that they are happy to return to the Victòria Teatre because that is where the company became more consolidated, and remember how they made lines at the Paral·lel avenue when there was no online sale.

The work will change in each function because viewers will be able to choose over the Internet between some 'gags', and that most of their 'sketches' they will be present, even in the form of a "wink".

The show ends with a half-hour party ending in which scenes of all the shows that have taken place: "These 30 minutes are frantic, the audience is exhausted with laughter, because it is constant, and we are exhausted of everything, because the effort is tremebundo ".


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