June 24, 2021

Tricicle announces its final adis after 40 years – La Provincia

The theater company Tricicle, made up of Carles Sans, Paco Mir and Joan Gràcia, announced on Wednesday its withdrawal on March 30 as a stable company when the 50 show’s performances end ‘Hits. The Millor of the Millor of the Millor ‘ at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona – where they debut – “The company has reached its 40 years and it is time to take an indefinite rest,” said Sans.

“We retired because we consider it appropriate, not because circumstances say so or because we don’t have an audience, “said Sans, and said the anticipated ticket sales are proving spectacular.

Joan Gràcia has celebrated that immediately the tickets of this last show were sold out, and has advanced that his partner Carles “will soon premiere show”, although he did not want to give more detail.

Paco Mir added that the question is what will the members of Tricicle do from April: “The three of us have had parallel personal projects to Tricicle that we can do more calmly without suffering, “he said.

As producer of shows, Tricicle will be able to recover “productions that have gone very well and have been able to do little”, as ‘Forever Young’, Mir explained, who has shown interest in landing in the global theater market.

Sans stressed that this show “is the farewell” and, as the name says, summarizes the best of the company, so if there is someone who has never seen the silent sketches iconic Tricicle can get an idea

On ‘Hits’, on the bill since 2016 and with almost 370,000 spectators, They have claimed that although there are ‘sketches’ that have repeated more than 2,000 times, they are always equipped with new elements: “We are always with the antenna set to improve. We have weeks left and surely it will still grow,” Mir added.

“More scenic wisdom”

On the beginnings of the company, Gràcia recalled that it was a very censored humor “, with a lot of sainete and television humor, and has claimed that its evolution through these 40 years has not been as much of content as of technique: “We have won in scenic wisdom.”

“In ‘Hits’ there are ‘sketches’ of the first and second show of Tricicle. We have not had to change anything and our mood has not changed, “explained Gràcia.

On the content, he has ensured that his seal “continues to be the human part, of the struggle, of love, of stumbling blocks, of the everyday world and of the absurd vision of life, “he added.

Sans has remarked that Tricicle has been characterized by having a different seal: “We took as a main feature not to use the word. He has singled us out from the rest forever“.

Although this might seem odd for a theater company to triumph without using the word, which has flowed naturally from day one, without anyone asking why they don’t speak: “Viewers have entered this code“.

We have been a rare avis inside the theater“added Sans, who has claimed to have created a genre of his own that is hardly adaptable to other companies, while Mir has praised that many viewers have grown up with them.


Asked about the recognition reaped, Sans has criticized: “At the institutional level it has not always been the area in which we have been most recognized“, while outside Catalonia they have been given numerous medals.

“From Catalonia, now for now, there has been no institutional recognition,” added Sans, who, however, believes that the most important is that of the public.


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