August 3, 2021

Tribute of the choir of Club Victoria and Radio Ecca to its president of honor – La Provincia

Tribute of the choir of Club Victoria and Radio Ecca to its president of honor - La Provincia

The coral Cantata del Real Club Victoria and Radio Ecca is preparing to pay tribute to its president of honor, María de los Ángeles Ibáñez de la Fuente, who died at the age of 77 on Friday, September 28, at her home on Pedro del Castillo Westerling Street near Las Canteras beach. The Gran Canarian palms. It will be during his funeral scheduled for this Tuesday, October 9 at 7:00 pm in the parish of Our Lady of Light, in the neighborhood of La Isleta.

She was married to Antonio Cacereño Díaz, who died in February 2016, and had three children: Antonio, María de los Ángeles and Andrés. The mother of María de los Ángeles Ibáñez de la Fuente, Ángela, died at her birth in September 1941 in post-war Madrid. They left her with her aunts in Bilbao still very small since her father had decided to move to Gran Canaria. He enjoyed the best summers of his childhood with his cousins ​​in Santander. His father remarried in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Paquita Rodríguez Mayor and as soon as they could, they organized the reunion with the girl. They managed to be brought to the island. Still small came to Gando from the hand of a sports expedition. The one of Racing Santander, who came to play for the first time against UD Las Palmas.

She worked at her recomposed family home in Schamann, where she would meet her future husband. He dedicated his adolescence and youth to the care of his brothers Juan Miguel, Begoña Y Jose Maria -the last two already deceased- and to help carry out the household chores. He carried most of the weight of the house.

He worked in a newspaper and magazine kiosk in the Santa Catalina park. He married in 1965. Always awake and industrious, while raising his three children he reached to study and to get the title of Graduate School through Radio Ecca.

He lived in Schamann and spent seasons in Valsequillo -where his Canarian mother came from, who had been born, almost by chance, in Havana. Along with Antonio Cacereño Díaz he founded his first house in Las Rehoyas. Then I would live in two more: in the Sansofé Urbanization and in Westerling Castle. Enjoyed lso summers in La Garita, where he came to have housing.

He collaborated with the Red Cross, for whom he set up tables to raise funds through the Feast of the Banderita and participated in the neighborhood association of the then nascent Urbanization Sansofé.

One day of the Three Wise Men, an organ arrived at his house. In principle, it was not for her, but for her daughter Angeles. But it was Angelines, as her family and friends knew her, who dedicated herself to the instrument. Later on he managed to access the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where he studied music theory and other musical knowledge.

Shortly before, he had entered the world of corals, where he was very happy and made it possible for him to travel in a group through Spain and Europe and even sing before the Pope. This activity, the choir, allowed him to perform and find good companions, some of whom became true members of his family. First he was in the Coral Franbac, of the disappeared Francisco Brito, but it was in the Cantata choir of the Real Club Victoria and Radio Ecca where he turned all his talent and passion for music. With her and her family she was able to enjoy the best moments of her life.


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