May 12, 2021

Trial by PP box B

José María Aznar, has declared this Wednesday as a witness in the trial of Box B of the PP. In his statement, the former Prime Minister has stated that he does not know “any parallel accounts” of the party that he has presided over for 14 years, from 1990 to 2004, and has denied both having received bonuses and that the initials ‘JM’ that appear on the papers of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas, “if those annotations are true.”

“I have not known any parallel accounting of the PP”

“What my successors did does not interest me”

“Those initials for ‘JM’ were yours?”

On the convicted Jaume Matas: “He was an excellent minister and a good president of the Balearic Islands”

On his demand to El País: “I don’t remember the content”


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