Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

trial at the Camp Nou

"No," answered Valverde. And there was silence for a few seconds. Nothing more to add. The question was whether he felt that his position was in danger after the last bad results and the bad feelings transmitted by Barcelona that, curiously, goes first in the League and also in his Champions group. But he has the fans angry about the little he offers in the field, since playing like this, he fears the worst. Even in the last game, against Slavia in Prague, there were pitos in the Camp Nou during and at the end of a duel that ended 0-0. "Understand it or don't understand it, this is so," said the Barca coach. «If we had scored a goal in the first half, which cost us more; and another in the second, in which we corrected ourselves, everything would be calmer. But things are as they are: a week ago this was a highway because we had won six games in a row, ”continued the coach, who since he arrived in Barcelona has had to deal with delicate situations: first by the march of Neymar in midsummer, coupled with the defeat of the Super Cup; later by the elimination in Rome in the Champions and later by the one of Anfield, that was worse. He has survived everything. «The other day I was eating with the president. The club has always supported me and i feel respected», Says a man who every day hears the name of a possible substitute: that if Koeman, that if Gallardo …

The League is the tournament that has most dominated the Barcelona of Valverde, leader in almost 80-90 percent of the days in two and a half seasons. "This year we are losing more points this year," said the Txingurri, which is not entirely true. There are those who say that there is no greater lie than memory. In his first Barça course after day 12 he had 34 points, eleven victories, a draw and only four conceded goals. Undisputed figures. But last season at this point the situation of the Barça team was similar: he had 24 points, two more than now, but he had also played one more game, since the classic against Real Madrid is pending, which will be played on December 18 . And he had conceded 18 goals, for the 14 of this championship. What changes are the draws for the losses: a year ago it added three and two lost games, and now it is a matched and three absolute setbacks. It was from December to February-March when he chained his best streak and took off in the League. That is what the Barcelona coach holds, who always expects a reaction from his team and his players. "Other times we have come out of these situations," says Valverde that, for the moment, no matter how much you move your pieces, you don't find the ideal solution.

The Celtic will be the first to measure the reaction of the Catalans or will be the one who puts it in a deeper crisis, since there are 15 days left without a league for the break by selections. It will be the debut of Óscar García, an exazulgrana, on the bench of the vigueses, who are in a delicate moment.

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