Tremenda Jaura, Cintia Lund and Flor de Canela lead a feminist concert at The Paper

Tremenda Jaura, Cintia Lund and Flor de Canela lead a feminist concert at The Paper

The groupsTremenda Jaura,Cintia LundYCinnamon flower, more thedj Ana DeluxeThey compose the poster for the feminist concert "Equality marks the rhythm" organized by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria within the framework of its calendar of commemorative events on March 8 that takes place throughout the month.

The Equality Counselor,Mara Nebot, invites you to enjoy it next Friday, March 22 at 10 p.m.The Paper Cluband explains that the events of the month of March have been designed to reach different publics. With this concert "we hope to reach the youngest", apostill.

Nebotbelieves that music made by women does not have the presence that should have at festivals and that "Equality sets the pace" aims to demonstrate the high level of music made by women and with feminist content.

Tremenda Jaurais a Madrid urban music collective that has reggaeton, cumbia and other tropical sounds as a war cry. He has just released his last work "IV", in which he continues adding collective imaginary and letters that bet to place the life of people in the center. The collective itself is defined as "a herd of wild perrxs that roar and roar in the heart of Madriz".

Cintia LundI was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria although very small it moves to Stockholm. It is one of the great revelations of the indie scene and debuts in long with a collection of hypnotic dream-pop songs with folk traces and flashes of electronics, demonstrating a rare personality in an album that shows a complex inner world with elegant approaches to the Smoky and sinuous blues rock, to Lynch, with unique Jamaican echoes or to the interwar song.

Cinnamon floweris a musical project that was born in 2017 in Barcelona. With a personal style, all his music goes through a filter that impregnates it with its own smell, the Flor de Canela essence. It is the aroma of quality arrangements and modern electrical instrumentation. His direct, more than 55 to date, do not leave anyone indifferent. It is here where they exploit all their quality and make improvisations their most personal stamp.

Ana Deluxeis a dj from Las Palmas who combines her musical activity with her professional activity. It stands out for its ability to combine styles, highlighting its taste for indie pop, indie rock, fusion and in general the modern and avant-garde rhythms that are danceable. Be responsible for entertaining the start of the concert, breaks between groups and hold a session at the end of the performance of the bands.


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