April 14, 2021

Treasury trusts to be able to pay the deliveries on account to the Autonomous Communities as soon as possible

The Ministry of Finance claims to continue working intensely to find a solution that allows the autonomous communities to pay the outstanding amounts of the deliveries on account and "hopes" to find it "as soon as possible".

This has been assured to Efe on Saturday sources of that Ministry, who have not wanted to pronounce on the information of El País that suggests that this solution is already designed and will allow to unlock 4.5 billion euros to make payments before the end of September.

The aforementioned sources are limited to indicating that the Treasury trusts in finding a solution to a problem that is very complex at a technical level and they say they cannot venture if it will be "during this month, the next or the other".

"We are clear that this money has to be in the hands of the autonomous communities as soon as possible and that its financing cannot depend on the existence of Budgets or Government, but the situation is what it is," they said.

In any case, the truth is that with the call for elections for November 10 it is very unlikely that a government will be formed before the end of 2019, which opens the door for the acting Executive to pay those amounts without skip the ruling on the State Advocacy.

That body, integrated in the Ministry of Justice, pointed out in August that the acting Government could not make the aforementioned payments – corresponding to the improvement of tax collection during this year – because with that measure it could condition the performance of the next Executive.

With the current deadlines, and given that these payments correspond to 2019 and should be made before December 15, the current Executive can claim that his payment will not condition the performance of the next Government, which will be formed in any case in 2020.

Last Thursday, the head of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, said that "almost" has a solution ready, although we must "let the technical bodies of the Ministry work, which are the ones that definitely have to validate it."

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