January 27, 2021

Treasury says it seeks alternatives to blocking the financing of the autonomous communities – La Provincia

The acting finance minister,Maria Jesus Montero, has assured this Wednesday that since Tuesday afternoon already has the report of the State Advocacy that supports thata functioning government cannot facilitate the financing on account to the autonomous communities. He affirms that they cannot "condition" the entry of a new Executive and blames the situation on PP and Cs for not facilitating the investiture ofPedro Sanchez.

As explained in an interview in Onda Cero, collected by Europa Press, the State Advocacy "follows the same logic" as the Government of not being able to provide the corresponding funding to the autonomous communities due to the current situation of the Executive, but has ensured that still stillworking "insistent" to find a solution that is "within the framework of legality".

However, he stressed that the financing situation of the autonomous communities is a "consequence" of the political blockade that the PP maintains andCitizensfor not facilitating the investiture of the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez. "The sad thing is that this is the consequence of the blockade with no alternative of another candidate," he specified.

Asked when the State Advocacy report that endorses Montero's words arrived, the minister has assured that the GovernmentYou have the written report from the afternoon of this Tuesday, although he has insisted that the agreement "was already knowledgeable" months before verbally.

"It was being written from verbal to written and therefore it was already a knowledgeable agreement, which also says the writing itself, which had already been reported several times. He was asked last week to write and arrived yesterday at the Ministry, "Montero explained.

Given the criticism received by the Popular Party to know that there was no such report, Montero has stressed that "any party" that has been ruling knows that the reports "they can be verbal or written", so he has been" surprised "that the game ofPablo Casadohas forgotten "the inheritance" received by the Government ofMariano Rajoy.

In addition, he stressed that the criterion that the Socialist Government has maintained isthe "same" as the former Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, and therefore "the same as thePopular Party".

Even so, Montero has insisted that he continues "deepening the law" and that he does not give up to find formulas that allow "open the possibility" of updating the delivery to accounts because he is "aware" that the CCAA need the financial advances to be able to continue with its operation. "I will not give upand although they are not easy obstacles, I want to look for solutions, "he said.


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