April 14, 2021

Treasury raised 15,089 million euros from the fight against fraud in 2018

The actions of the Tax Agency in 2018 in prevention and fight against fraud recorded a collection of 15,088.97 million euros, which is 2% more than the previous year, after performing 27,618 control actions on large companies, assets and submerged economy, reports EP.

In statements to the media, the acting Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has shown her "satisfaction" for the "important" data recorded in the fight against fraud, and highlighted the "successful measure" of creating the control unit of large assets, by allowing to specialize the monitoring of large companies with corporate networks.

The direct results achieved by the Tax Agency last year for its functions of prevention and fight against fraud are 14,489.98 million euros, 1.9% more, highlighting the result obtained by income from liquidations and management acts revenue that, with 8,015 million, has increased by 2%.

Revenues from extemporaneous self-assessments reached 599 million, above 571 million in 2017.

Montero has valued the "high professionalism" of AEAT technicians and inspectors and highlighted the creation of the Central Coordination Unit for the Control of Relevant Assets, which will coordinate the monitoring of the tax behavior of a group of 170,000 taxpayers.

The AEAT closed 2018 with the liquidation of 347.5 million to taxpayers with large assets in a total of 494 files, 44% more than the previous year.

In addition, the minister has advanced that when the Government complies with full functions, the staff of the Tax Agency will be reinforced and the Anti-Fraud Law will be resumed, which among other measures includes the prohibition of tax amnesties.

At the same time, the Tax Agency already has the complete result of the analysis on the induced effect that the sending of fiscal data notices to presumed landlords has had during the last income tax campaigns.

In three years, these notices have generated an increase of more than 122,000 taxpayers (30% of the total increase in taxpayers of real estate income since 2014), with a greater declared tax base of 1,346 million euros (which would explain 57% of the increase total real estate income for the period)

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