Treasury justifies with technical criteria the distribution of European funds among the communities in the face of criticism from the PP

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration published this Monday a document in which it exposes the technical criteria that are being used for the distribution among the Autonomous Communities of the European recovery funds. The Government justifies its distribution system in full attack by the PP, both at regional, national or European level, against the use that is being made of this money to finance the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The distribution of European funds criticized by the PP grants its communities 44% of the total distributed

The distribution of European funds criticized by the PP grants its communities 44% of the total distributed

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"Most of the resources that the State assigns to the territorial entities of the Recovery Plan are agreed upon in sectoral conferences, which are multilateral cooperation bodies in which all the Autonomous Communities, Ceuta and Melilla participate," the Ministry said in the report. . "These assignments are made in accordance with the objective distribution criteria set by the respective sectors and, therefore, in a consensual manner," he adds.

The Treasury quantifies the funds from Europe that have been transferred to the Communities at 11,247 million euros. According to estimates made by the Government, 54% of the total of these funds will go to the regional budgets. Through the sectoral conferences —the different ministries with the advisors of the branch— 8,831 million have been granted, while the rest have been made between different agreements and direct concessions.

The Ministry states that the main objective method for the distribution of these funds is that of the population. Thus, Andalusia, governed by PP and Ciudadanos, has been the region with the highest distribution of funds, having received 17% of the total, almost 2,000 million euros. It is followed by Catalonia, with 14%, governed by ERC and Junts; and Madrid, with the PP in the Government, which receives 10%. The first territory with a coalition government in which the same Executive and Compromís parties participate is the Valencian Community, which captured just over 9% of the total.

The report, which aims to justify the distribution model that is being applied, details the calculation methods for the allocation of funds by each of the sectoral commissions and the programs that are included in the Transformation Plan.

The Popular Party, with its leader Pablo Casado at the head, has launched a campaign of attacks against the Government for weeks, also at a European level, despite the fact that the European Commission has repeatedly endorsed the process of managing these funds. The criticisms have also been repeated at the regional level, with different territorial leaders charging against the Government and denouncing the lack of the arrival of these funds. The opposition has repeatedly slipped that it has benefited territories governed by the PSOE. Although, the distribution data show that the Communities led by the PP make up 44% of the total distributed.

At the same time that this campaign by Casado and the different leaders of the PP intensifies, the president of the European Commission has congratulated Spain after delivering 10,000 million euros for European funds. Ursula von der Leyen, who belongs to the European People's Party, recently sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez in which he recognized the "satisfactory fulfillment" of 52 milestones and goals, between reforms and investments during the past year, which allowed Spain to be the first EU country to receive the first conditional tranche of European recovery funds , the so-called Next Generation EU.

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