«Treason is a system that exists among the weak to get what they do not deserve»

«Treason is a system that exists among the weak to get what they do not deserve»

ANDIn his studio, a rock of dry oil keeps the secret of his battles with the canvas. «Sketches for History» (Espasa) is the new compilation of the strokes that he painted. He says he is from Don Quixote to death and, in some cases, from Sancho Panza. If he had not painted, he thinks he would be a chef. Because he loves cooking, and says that exquisite dishes come out that, because they are improvised, he is not able to repeat them again.

-Do me a sketch of today's story …

-More than a sketch, I would make a caricature like those made by Miranda or Juan Vallejo in the nineteenth century of corridors and offices.

– Is it more Don Juan Tenorio or the Count of Monte Cristo?

-I have little Montecristo, rather Tenorio.

– Does it look just as seductive?

-No my God. He had time and a golden peak. I do not have time even to sleep …

-Pass through the war painting brave soldiers. What do you think of traitors?

-A traitors suffered from the dawn of time. It is a symptom that occurs among the weakest to get what they do not deserve, but they are ephemeral and their reward is contempt.

– Have you ever been betrayed?

Yes, ever, but those who betray me only do it once. I do not forgive or forget.

– He moved to an area of ​​operations. How have your days been on that side of the battle?

-I was in different places in Syria. I was impressed by Aleppo. War is present every day. Mine were the same as those of any soldier, followed established norms.

– How is Russia painting now?

-It was an opportunity to go and paint the Russian Army in Syria, and I did not think twice; I took the pencils, the boots and the backpack and left. To be the first Spanish artist to paint and live with this Army is a privilege.

– Syria has a solution?

– Yes, although it is fought in Aleppo and somewhere else, the situation I think is controlled. I understand that the Russians will stay there for a while giving their support.

-What is fear for you? Have you ever felt it?

-Of course, who does not? I am afraid of what I feel and I can not see, but of wars, no. My unconsciousness overcomes me. For me death is not the end.

-What contest would I have fought?

-The cavalry is what I like the most. I think that the load of the Alcantara Regiment would be among my favorites, although now I knew the tragic end, as they also knew.

-Your weapons are the brush and the oils … Of what or who would you have to defend yourself?

– Of the unreason, of the unique thought, of those who want to impose the politically correct.

-Poss license to paint. Any more?

– I have license to reason, to think and to do what I please, as long as it respects the laws of all.

-How much do you have now as a special agent?

– (Laughter) Little, I'm a bad spy. The Russians in Tartus (Syria) showed me a submarine inside and I looked more at the quarters and staterooms than at the torpedoes.

– Have you thought about introducing some mysterious lady into your paintings?

-Of course, the journalist who interviews me now.

-Have you been tempted for politics?

– Yes, sometimes, but I do not serve for it, I could not sleep peacefully, I have a bad temper and I love Spain too much.

– Your corner of battles?

-The restaurant or bar that I will one day ride decorated with my paintings, swords …

-From the civil war, what battle would you draw?

-The Teruel, with the cold, the snow and blankets, but also Belchite, that scene of Dantesque ruins gives a lot.

– Have you considered making a foray into ancient Rome?

-I would like to paint Sagunto or Numancia. These two titanic defenses I really want, there are so many things I want to paint …

-And from Catalonia, who would you paint? To Rufián, Torra, Puigdemont?

-I like to paint anonymous soldiers, men who with their effort, sacrifice and a lot of pain created this nation. These politicians and their battle are already drawn in the newspapers.


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