Travel without leaving the sofa

We miss seeing the world, planning adventures, getting out of the routine with a weekend getaway ... While we wait for that moment to come, we can continue feeding our traveling spirit and our thirst for knowledge (beyond the details of the Covid-19) thanks to digital platforms. InDisney +You can enjoy all the National Geographic documentaries and travel from East to West, to the bottom of the oceans or to space.

With Disney + there are no limits because your billboardOffers Over 350 Hours of National Geographic Content, among which we can find nature, history, science or travel documentaries.Take advantage of the special launch offer (which ends today!) And enjoy a window to the world from tomorrow for only 59.99 euros per year.

Into the Grand Canyon

Did you know that there are more people who have been on the Moon than people who have walked the entire length of the Grand Canyon in a single expedition? In 2016, photographer and filmmaker Pete McBride and writer Kevin Fedarko began a 1,200 kilometer journey on foot, covering the entire length of this spectacular and extreme landscape. McBride and Fedarko achieved a milestone that many adventurers have had a hard time trying. Stride by stride, they came across an astonishingly diverse, powerful landscape rich in history, but their search was more than just a stress test - it was also a way to draw attention to the unprecedented threats facing one of the most beautiful usa

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

Can you imagine being able to stick your nose into the issues that interest you most? And browse here and there? And ask the best experts questions? That's exactly what Jeff Goldblum does: quench all his curiosity and, incidentally, ours. We know the actor as Jurassic Park, Independence Day or Grand Hotel Budapest, but in “The world according to Jeff Goldblum” he changes registration and is dedicated to doing precisely what we cannot: travel around the world to open the doors of a endless experiences. "I am interested in many kinds of things: sports, jeans, ice cream, jewelry, tattoos ..." says the actor. And together with him we will travel everywhere to discover unknowns, solve questions and reveal a surprising world of connections. The program does not seek to be a monotonous and boring learning but a fun and fast, entertaining and dynamic production. In the first episode, Goldblum decides to investigate the multi-billion dollar sports industry. His adventure will run from basketball courts to boardrooms, to try to find out why the most common and current footwear has become a true mass phenomenon.

Dolphin Reef

Disney Nature plunges under the sea to live the life of some of the most attractive animals on the planet: dolphins. Echo is a young bottlenose dolphin who has not just assumed that it is time to grow up and take on new responsibilities. Dolphin society is complicated and the coral reef that Echo and his family call home depends on all its inhabitants to keep it healthy. But with humpback whales, killer whales, sea turtles, and cuttlefish clamoring for his attention, Echo struggles to resist the temptations of simply having fun. A spectacular documentary that offers us a look at the Pacific Ocean from the hand of a young dolphin that will show us its habitat and species. A tip: if you see it in the original version, you will enjoy this story told by the actress Natalie Portman.

Free Solo

Winner of an Oscar and Bafta for Best Documentary, Free Solo follows lonely climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to achieve his life's dream: reach the summit of El Capitán, a 975-meter rock wall in Yosemite National Park ( California) without the safety of any rope. We repeat: without-rope. Celebrated as one of the greatest athletic feats, Honnold's climb set the ultimate standard: perfection or death. This documentary is both a cutting-edge thriller and an inspiring portrait of an athlete who surpassed our current understanding of human physical and mental potential. The result is a triumph of the human spirit. And a story that you will see with your heart in your fist.

Rogue Trip

Although it will still have to wait for its premiere, this documentary series is a travel guide to some of the most unknown enclaves on the planet. The American journalist Bob Woodruff and his son Mack take us on an interesting tour of all the places that the tourist on foot does not usually take into account when planning their vacations, often ruthless, overlooked (and even misunderstood) destinations. ) whose unknown corners surprise, impress and inspire. Disney + therefore offers us an opportunity to venture into these incredible places that we will probably never go to.


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