October 29, 2020

Travel fell 90% on the eve of Easter compared to 2019

The displacement of light vehicles decreased last Wednesday, the eve of Easter, 90% compared to 2019, with only 295,000 movements, of which more than half were heavy vehicles, on the day that historically there are more trips throughout the Spanish road network.

According to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) this Wednesday, 140,434 long-distance movements of light vehicles were recorded, when last year there were 1.5 million trips.

Long-haul truck movements also decreased by 26%; This year there were 155,082 movements, compared to 208,854 that occurred in 2019.

Regarding cross-border traffic, 22,796 vehicles crossed the border with France and Portugal, compared to the 176,947 that did so on Wednesday of Easter last year.

The DGT recalls that the retentions at the exits and entrances of the cities at certain times occurred due to the intensification of controls to prevent displacement to second residences during Easter.

The average retention at the exits of the big cities was 500 meters, although exceptionally, some reached two kilometers.

The displacement of light long-distance vehicles has followed the same trend as the previous days, registering a decrease of 80.31% compared to an equivalent day in February, so there was no increase in displacement to second homes.

The accesses to the cities continue registering the same percentage that the previous days, a fall of 76%.


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