October 27, 2020

Traumatologist's trial for the amputation of a patient's finger – La Provincia

The prosecutor asks for a year in prison and four disabling for a traumatologist accused of negligence during a surgical intervention to a patient, which finally had to amputate a finger, in a clinic in Palma. According to the indictment, the doctor did not perform the relevant tests before the operation and went through a tendon with a screw. The physician is charged with a crime of reckless injury and the public prosecutor requests compensation with 50,000 euros to the injured.

The affected suffered the May 13, 2013 a work accident. In the incident he suffered a displaced fracture of the first phalanx of the third finger of the right hand. Three days later, the defendant, a traumatologist at the Miramar de Palma Polyclinic, underwent surgery.

According to the prosecution, the operation was carried out without having carried out the appropriate prior tests. Thus, the physician reduced the open fracture with a plate of six screws, one of which went through a tendon. After this intervention, the victim had to undergo two other operations and as a result of the complications arisen they had to amputate his finger on July 9, 2015.

The injured ended up presenting a complaint against the traumatologist and a court in Palma opened an investigation. The instruction closed, the public prosecutor imputes to the traumatologist a crime of injuries due to professional imprudence, for which he claims one year in prison and four years of disqualification to practice the medical profession. In addition, the prosecution requests that the traumatologist, his insurer and that of the clinic indemnify the patient with 50,000 euros for the damages suffered.

The trial was to be held yesterday, by sight it was suspended at the request of the private prosecution, who explained that new tests are needed to know the scope exact sequels that the affected one suffers. The magistrate agreed to postpone the trial, with the opposition of the defense, until these proceedings are carried out.

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